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Mini Company

Mini Company

A mini-company is a simulation exercise of the real business world that allows students to use their initiative and creative talents to design, produce and market goods/services, while gaining insights into the world of business. The transition year mini-company programme is devised to expose students to enterprise and promote entrepreneurship. This module aims to support learning through the exploration of what running a business entails, to challenge thinking and encourage creative thinking, problem solving and independent learning.

The transition year mini-company programme aims to develop in students the business skills of:

  1. Carrying out market research and marketing
  2. The process of conducting meetings
  3. Organising and managing the finances and accounts of a company
  4. To introduce the students to entrepreneurs and to expose students to entrepreneurship.
  5. To engage with technology
  6. To expose students to working in groups and teams

The acquisition of these skills leads to personal development and helps students experience adult working life as they experience the success and failures of their mini-company as they simulate a "real-life" experience from setting up the company to winding it down.

At Mount St. Michael a wide variety of products are created and brought to market each year. Students also take part in trade shows where they can showcase their products and services.

Mini CompanyMini CompanyMini Company
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